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What is the Certification of Source of Crypto Funds?
The Certification of Source of Crypto Funds is a legal and a technical document, including on-chain and off-chain analysis, created to fill the gap between traditional finance compliance requirements and cryptocurrencies investors.

The goal of the Certification is to enable crypto early adopters and crypto investors to demonstrate to third parties the legitimate origin of their Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency wealth.

In principle, with a positive certification the crypto investor will be able to exchange his/her cryptocurrency funds to fiat currency funds, using Regulated Exchanges and to open a banking relationship in a Private Bank that will be allowed to receive the funds, to keep them and invest them.

With the Certification, the crypto HNWI will be able to cash out his crypto funds, in a secure, regulated and confidential way.

From the banking perspective the Certification of Source of Crypto Funds, is an external support document to the onboarding process, providing evidence and third-party fact checking, that can assist the bank compliance office in the evaluation of anti-money laundering aspects of the prospect client.
What is the process for obtaining the Certification of Source of Crypto Funds?

The client contacts us for an initial consultation.
In the first call, the client can stay Anonymous.
Any information provided to us will be protected and absolutely confidential.
The first consultation is always free of charge.
If the case is accepted, we will provide an all-inclusive offer for the next steps.

We ask the client to send us identity document, curriculum vitae and to provide us all the documents and evidence related or connected to his crypto wealth, like:
Exchange used
Bitcoin mining devices operated
Most important transactions made
Current Bitcoin and crypto assets held other documents specific

The first and most important step is the technical analysis of the evidence provided by the client and the fact checking of his/her story, to demonstrate, if possible, the legitimate source of the crypto funds.
We will analyze the documents and, with client support, we will understand all the chronological steps made, and will be able to explain any transaction that is not self-evident.
We will perform an on-chain analysis of the transactions, address, wallets.
We will cross check the transaction in the Blockchain with the deposit/withdrawal to/from the Exchanges.
We will perform specific checks depending on the type of activity performed: Mining, Trading, Investing.
We invite the client to our office in Switzerland where we will review the technical analysis.
The client is accompanied to a Notary Public where he will review and sign his/her official statement.
This step will make his declarations official.
The sworn statement will be kept strictly confidential
Backed by the Technical Analysis and by the Sworn Statement, we will draft the Certification of Source of Crypto Funds.
The document will contain our final deductions about the legitimate source of the crypto funds.
The document will be signed by us to certify our conclusions to third parties.
The client will receive the complete dossier, including legal analysis, technical analysis and sworn statement.
We will be available to present the certification dossier to compliance officers at Banks or Exchanges, and to answer their questions.


“I have decided to cash out a portion of my Bitcoins to buy a house for my growing family. I did it all by myself and unfortunately I ended up with my bank account frozen. Thanks to Abilex we solved the situation. I have worked with them, collecting and analysing all the evidence of my trading activity, from my initial deposits to my trading reports and wallet transfers. We were able to demonstrate the legitimate source of my Bitcoin in a clear and reusable official document. Thanks!”
A.C. Top Bitcoin futures trader and Bitcoin Whale.
“Abilex helped me obtain a Certification of Origin of Wealth for the bitcoins I have earned with my mining activity that I started in 2012. They have also guided me step-by-step in the process of privately exchanging my Bitcoins with a regulated Swiss OTC Exchange Desk. Then they have personally introduced me to a Swiss Private Bank, that accepted me as a customer and allowed me to transfer the funds.”
M.A. Bitcoin Miner

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