Bitcoin Early Investor

We help Bitcoiners and Crypto HNWI to certify the legitimate source of their coins and to confidently bank the profits of their crypto investments.
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What we offer

Strategic legal and compliance advisory to certify the legitimate source of your crypto
and to open a private banking account accepting you and your funds.

Certification of Source of Crypto Funds

With our Certification of Source of Crypto Funds we make it possible for crypto HNWI to demonstrate the legitimate origin of their wealth, to confidently sell their BTC and to bank the funds in a Swiss Private Banking Account.
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Bank Account

We help you opening a relationship with a trusted and respected Swiss Private Bank, by personally introducing you, by coaching you for the first interview and by presenting your Certificate of Source of Funds.
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OTC Exchange

We personally introduce you to a regulated and trusted Swiss Private OTC Desk. We Deliver and present your source of funds. If you wan we will support you in the negotiation and in the exchange process.
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Tax Optimization

We will help you understand your tax position and to develop the best strategy to optimize and reduce your tax burden.
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Sometime the best strategy for crypto early investor is to relocate in a country with no capital gain taxes, like Switzeraland. We will help you through all the steps of the relocation process.
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Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about setting up a company in Switzerland, related legal questions and general information.
My bank account is frozen, can you help me?

Yes, we have experience in dealing with frozen bank accounts, but the time matters. You have to contact us as soon as possible.

What document will you need?

It depends on the source of your bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. If you have made a direct investment, we will need banking and exchange documents.If you have operated a mining farm we will need the technical details of your equipements to deduct the hash power, and other evidence of the operations.If your funds are the profit of a trading activity, we will need exchange documentation, like account ledger, deposit and withdrawals, trading log, etc.In general we will need you CV and a detailed report of activity. We will work together on this.

Do I have to exchange all my crypto for fiat?

No. You will be free to exchange your crypto whenever you want. Consider that the minimum amount required to open a Private Banking Account is CHF 300'000.

What will be the taxation?

It depends on your residency. For important amouts, it is usual suggestable to consider the relocation to a country with no taxation on capital gains, to zero your tax buden.

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