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We will hep you relocate or set-up a company in Switzerland, protect your intellectual property, and optimise your taxation.
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What we offer

Strategic legal and business advisory for your business

Company Formation

We are the partner that will help you offshoring your business to Switzerland. Tailored solution for all your needs. From the selection of the most appropriate legal form to the 360 degrees legal advisory, we’ve got you covered.
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Notarial Services

Business-focused corporate notarial services provided by swiss notaries. From preparing deeds and documents, our aim is to give advice and to add value to the process through a solution-oriented approach.
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Fiduciary Services and Company Domiciliation

We provide tailor made solutions for fiducary services and company domicialition. Nominee shareholder services, nominee director services, company shared office, company domiciliation, we have the key competence you are looking for.
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Intellectual property protection

We protect your patents and trademarks portfolio. We halp you maximize your brand value and to secure your brand identity.  Our experience is at your service to deciede and execute the most effective strategy to protect your intellectual property.Patent box is the special tax regime reducing your taxation on income from qualifying patents up to a maximum of 90%. We have the knowledge and expertise to support your company application for this specific tax ruling.
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We are your strategic partner for the financing need of your company. From traditional financial solutions, to crypto-finance, we will help you select the right solution to secure the funding for your company. Tokenized Share and Tokenized Debt, are now available.
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Accounting and Taxation

We provide solutions for your accounting and taxtion management. We help companies and enterprise to professionalise and optimise their accounting practice and their tax strategy. Including specific expertise on the Patent Box regime.
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Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our services for Enterprises, related legal questions and general information.
What is the corporate income tax rate in Zug?

In the Canton of Zug, the total regular profit tax for cantonal and municipal tax as well as the directfederal tax together amounts to approximately 12%

What are the requirements of the Patent Box regime?

According to the Zug Tax Act, cantonal and municipal taxes on income from patentsand comparable rights based on qualifying R&D expenditure can be included in the profit taxassessment base with a reduction of 90%. To benefit from the patent box, the following conditions must be cumulatively met:
1. There must be a patent or comparable right
2. The patent/comparable right must generate profits
3. Sufficient substance (nexus quotient) must be available, i.e. the R&D expenditure must have been carried out by the taxable individual himself, group companies in Switzerland or third parties inSwitzerland and abroad.

Will have double taxation on dividends?

Switzerland has concluded agreements with most industrialised countries to avoid double taxation.Such DTAs deal in particular with the following tax issues:

• Exemption of profits from permanent establishments in the partner state
• Reclaiming withholding taxes on dividends
• Taxation of royalties.

What are the other advantages of doing business from Zug?

The Canton of Zug is one of the most popular areas in which to live and to do business. Formalities and bureaucracy are kept to a minimum: the Zug authorities have an excellent reputation when it comes to dealing with matters quickly and efficiently.The economic success of Zug is based on a long-term development strategy. The Canton of Zug offers the best overall package.The outstanding locational conditions are applicable to everyone. Their core elements are made up of a unique mix of small and large, localand international firms; a closely knit network of service providers, suppliers and private institutions; investment in training, sport and culture; attractive taxes for legal entities and individuals;the availability of an efficient infrastructure and a fascinating living space.

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